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Every Thursday, at 11:30 am PST, we'll host live sessions to discuss the modular home production process, our technologies, how we achieve high energy-efficiency levels, and much more!

Office Hours with Dvele. Learn about the production process and more!

Hear from executives and managers across the entire team

We thought we would bring everyone interested in our homes together to see our team face-to-face. You'll hear about the latest improvements we're making. As well as learning about other vital aspects of the building process.

Not only will you get in-depth knowledge about Dvele's homes, but you'll also hear our perspective on the housing industry, how we're tackling climate change, and the positive impact your home will have on the environment over its lifetime.


You should attend Offices Hours if you're...

Curious 🤔

About how we're producing homes, how we compare to traditional homes, or if you're a couple of years away from starting your project.

Serious 🧐

About building a new home within the next two years, or you're further along in the process and to learn more to make a decision.

A Developer 🏘 

Or land owner looking to build a community across the Western United States. And need more info about our homes to get started.


What homeowners are saying

“We’re out in Malibu doing some pre-Thanksgiving cooking, and the power just went out to the whole area due to fire risk from high winds. The whole neighborhood and beyond is dark, yet we’re continuing to cook, all lights are working, and we're watching TV. Boy, neighbors must love us. ”

“I think the efficiency of the home will be more prevalent for us over time, the efficiency of the appliances, the way everything sort of works together in the home, not just aesthetically but also technically. It just gives you peace of mind that everything is working for you."

Still have some questions?

You can learn more about our home's production process, pricing, energy efficiency, health aspects, and much more on our FAQ page.

Visit Dvele's FAQ page